Monday, February 8, 2010

Can't think of a better place for a rehearsal dinner.... (*click on photos to see to see how cute it was!)

So, yes, it's been forever since we posted anything.... our only excuse is that we've been so busy and the blog usually gets put off until we're somewhat caught up on other things. I know that's bad blogging but at least we're getting to it now.... This is something I've been wanting to share since we photographed it in August in Boston. Lara and Jon's rehearsal dinner was at this really cool old diner... like a real old-school diner (not a new-school California diner), Deluxe Town Diner. They eat there every weekend and were lucky enough to have their dinner there. Pancakes, bacon, mac n' cheese, anyone?


nicole said...

Great post. I'm new to your blog; I came over from Snippet & Ink. Would you share more info about the napkins, please? My fiance and I are also having our rehearsal dinner at a diner. We haven't put much thought (yet) into the decor/menu/accessories/etc. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Biz said...

oh the napkins! we do a mustache themed fundraiser for DV victims... there would be PERFECT for the "stache bash. anyway, so clever!

Gertrude & Mabel Photography said...

hi nicole if you'd like to send us an email to i'll put you in touch with the bride and she can share her secrets ;)