Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nancy & George's Wedding Continues in Manhattan: Part 2!!

Well, try to imagine it's still June right now and we just shot the second 1/2 of Nancy and George's wedding festivities in New York City, ok? It was truly spectacular!  Since the actual wedding took place in Mexico, (see earlier post) with a small intimate group of friends and family- they wanted to have another celebration once they got home to Manhattan.  They gathered around 400 of their closest friends and wow, what a party!  It took place at an industrial location, Skylight Studios in Tribeca with incredible design by Bronson Van Wyck from Van Wyck & Van Wyck.  There were hundreds of butterflies hanging from the ceiling, deer horns shaped into chandeliers, amazing ice sculpted bar with king crab legs, and one of the largest disco balls (luckily because the guests went wild on the dance floor when Super Diamond performed at midnight!) Every detail was so impressive and beautiful- the space was completely transformed!

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